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The wild is calling, and you're ready to answer. You seek an escape from the mundane, a journey that immerses you in nature's raw beauty and untamed energy. Look no further than Sariska Tiger Reserve, a wildlife sanctuary set in the breathtaking Aravalli Hills of Alwar, Rajasthan. But where to stay in this wilderness paradise? 


Look no further than Ratan Villas, one of the most desirable places to stay in Sariska. This is the ideal place that you and your family will totally relish. 

Ratan Villas: Your Gateway to Adventure

Ratan Villas, one of the top places to stay in Alwar, is more than simply a magnificent place to stay; it serves as the starting point for an exciting wildlife excursion. Imagine waking up to nature's music, with birds chirping and leaves rustling in the mild air. Adventure is not a separate activity; it is integrated into the very fabric of your experience.

From a Wildlife Perspective

Ratan Villas provides a peaceful retreat for the residents of Sariska Tiger Reserve, which borders their protected zone. Strategically positioned near the reserve, the resort minimises harm to their habitat while providing visitors with an exciting opportunity to see them in their natural splendour. 

Imagine a majestic Bengal tiger patrolling its area, its stripes merging in with the dappled sunshine seeping through the trees and catching a glimpse of the resort. The faint murmur of conversation from the resort may spark its interest, but the well-kept boundaries preserve a safe distance for both guests and wildlife.

Unveiling the Enchantment of Sariska Tiger Reserve

Sariska Tiger Reserve, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is the crown jewel of Rajasthan. It's home to diverse species, including majestic Bengal tigers, elusive leopards, spotted deer, and a colourful palette of birds. Embark on well-designed jeep excursions conducted by knowledgeable naturalists. What makes Sariska even more famous is the latest of how the popular of tigers has reached 40 owing to the addition of 4 new cubs. 

These guides, with their profound awareness of the reserve's ecosystem and animal behaviour, will boost your chances of encountering these wonderful species. Imagine the exhilaration of spotting a tigress, her amber eyes glinting in the sun, as she leads her playful kittens across your jeep's path.

Circled by Lush Greenery

Ratan Villas welcomes you with lush greenery spread across acres. The resort is surrounded by lush green landscapes and well-managed gardens, making it a pleasant haven. Wander down winding roads shaded by tall trees, the peaceful chirping of birds creating a soothing backdrop to your adventure. This beautiful blend of nature and luxury creates an unforgettable experience. Imagine catching sight of a shy langur monkey hanging through the branches above you, its mischievous actions bringing fun to your journey.

Well-appointed Rooms for Relaxation and Comfort

After a fantastic day touring the reserve, return to Ratan Villas for a relaxing escape. The well-appointed rooms flawlessly combine modern comforts with a touch of Rajasthani charm. The spacious living areas and soft furnishings enable you to relax and enjoy the tranquillity of your surroundings. 

Private balconies provide stunning views of the surrounding terrain, allowing you to connect with nature even from the comfort of your own room. Imagine sitting on your balcony with a steaming cup of chai, watching the brilliant hues of the sunset paint the Aravalli Hills in a stunning display of colour.

Discover Hidden Gems with Expert-Guided Trails

Ratan Villas creates remarkable experiences for the adventurous spirit. Venture beyond the vehicle safaris and uncover the hidden beauties of Sariska during guided nature hikes. Expert naturalists, who are well-versed in the region's distinctive flora and animals, will guide you through precisely designed pathways. Learn about the diverse plant life, which includes towering sal trees and aromatic sandalwood trees, as well as colourful wildflowers. Be charmed by the intriguing wildlife that lives in this protected ecosystem, from elusive reptiles hiding among the greenery to vividly coloured butterflies flying through the air.

A Tranquil Escape on Peaceful Lake Waters

For a change of pace, take a relaxing cruise on the placid waters of Siliserh Lake, which is only a short distance from Ratan Villas. Picture lovely winds caressing your face as you float across the crystal-clear sea in a classic wooden boat. Admire the beautiful Aravalli Hills mirrored on its surface, with their peaks seemingly reaching for the sky. 

This relaxing experience allows you to reconnect with nature and appreciate its peaceful beauty from a new perspective. Keep an eye out; you could even see a family of ducks flying gently across the water's surface, their soothing quacking adding to the serene atmosphere.


A Culinary Journey Inspired by Indigenous Flavours

At Ratan Villas, your taste buds will go on an adventure as exciting as your wildlife encounters. The on-site restaurant serves a delicious assortment of native Rajasthani cuisine made with fresh, locally produced ingredients. Enjoy meals such as savoury daal baati churma, a classic Rajasthani staple, and juicy laal maas, a spicy meat curry. In the evenings, enjoy a candlelit dinner on the open-air terrace, surrounded by nature's soothing noises and the dazzling lights of the stars overhead.

Ratan Villas recognises that the charm of Sariska is found not only in the gorgeous tigers but also in the delicate balance of the entire ecosystem. Their knowledgeable naturalists will let you appreciate the minor treasures that frequently go overlooked. Learn about the complicated dance of insects such as beautifully coloured dragonflies and captivating butterflies, all of which play an important role in the web of life. Discover the different birds, from majestic eagles soaring high above to colourful kingfishers sitting on trees, their vivid plumage bringing a burst of colour to the scenery. Be captivated by unique reptiles, such as sleek monitor lizards hiding amid the rocks, and learn about their role in maintaining ecological balance.

Look no further than Ratan Villas, one of the most desirable places to stay in Sariska. This is the ideal place that you and your family will totally relish.29 May 2024

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