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Exhausted by those long hours of shift and craving for a rejuvenating weekend escape? How about soaking under the sun in a relaxing and pristine swimming pool that too in the vicinity of tigers? Heard that right! Ratan Villas, one of the leading resorts in Sariska with swimming pool is just the place you should be. Sariska Tiger Reserve in Rajasthan is known among wildlife enthusiasts and nature lovers for being one of the captivating reserves. What your mind is seeking is some solace and adrenaline rush as well, and witnessing Sariska’s flora and fauna is indeed the ideal gift. Adding a cherry to the top is Ratan Villas’ exclusive hospitality that makes residing in the place even more pacifying. 


Embracing Comfortable Luxury with Restful Swimming Pool

What makes a summer trip complete is a chill infinity swimming pool offering complete refreshments. Ratan Villas has certainly understood the need and offers you one of the most soothing outdoor infinity swimming pools making its name among the top resorts in Sariska with swimming pool. The shimmering pool circled by plush loungers and stunning views are all you need for a weekend getaway. This is your time to unwind and soak in the wilderness, giving a break to the hectic thoughts running at the back of your mind. Ratan Villas’ adept team is always on their toes to serve refreshing drinks, delectable savouries, and more. Take a dip, or sit on the lounge alleviating your eyes with the verdant surroundings. Just one thing to remember here is, don’t forget you swimwear before diving into the water. 

As one of the noted resorts in Alwar with swimming pool, Ratan Villas’ pool is celebrated for crafting memorable experiences. From endless chatters with your friends or family, to gulping down some sizzling barbeques, listening to the local Sariska Tiger Reserve tales from the Ratan Villas team to indulging in the wholesome beauty of the breathtaking landscapes - you can experience everything. 

Ratan Villas’ Comprehensive Range of Pool View Rooms

Being one of the celebrated resorts in Sariska with swimming pool, Ratan Villas has thoughtfully curated every one of the rooms. The resort never fails to amaze, and one of the big causes is the array of pool-faced and dip pool rooms. These are exceptionally luxurious rooms offering a splendid escapade through their pool-facing feature. Let us check out the room types:

  1. Pool View Room
    In Ratan Villas’ pool view room, you will experience what is called a premium vacation. This is a massive room with a plush king-size bed, a private washroom, and most importantly a stunning view. Wake up to the lush views of the eucalyptus forest and breathe the purity in the air. This room is perfect for up to 4 people, and therefore the ideal family room. The best part is not only the pool view but also the Siliserh Lake that is right in before your eye. Want to add on to your chilling? Head on to the minibar, or maybe take a spa treatment from the experts at Ratan Villas. 
  2. Club Room with Dip Pool
    Next on the list of pool paradise is the club room with a dip pool.  Here luxury truly knows no bounds and you will walk into a room filled with grandeur. Everything you see, and everything you experience is premium and unquestionably tailored to your comfort. These are elegant and commodious rooms fitted with a wide range of enhanced amenities like a minibar, spa, hair dryer, mini soundbar, and more. Lavishness and rejuvenation are two ideal words describing the club room with a dip pool. Moreover, Ratan Villas’ mindful interior planning can be noticed in the sit-out area that is ideal for bathing in the greenery. Therefore, after a filling dinner or lunch, you can take dip in the pool, get into that bathrobe, and sit out to relish the darkness and silence. Give yourself that much-needed break, and take pleasure in every activity. 
  3. Family Pool View Room
    Ratan Villas anticipates the need for family fun, and therefore, has created the family pool view room. Your family deserves immense happiness, and taking them on a weekend trip to this place will undoubtedly be one of the best surprises. This room is filled with magnificence with an enormous bed and a stunning view of the pool. Not only will you appreciate the abundance of eucalyptus forests but also the beautiful swimming pool and the Siliserh Lake. After a long day of sightseeing, trying to catch a glimpse of the celebrated Royal Bengal Tiger, you can completely loosen up in the comforting pool. 

 The Mouthwatering Culinary Delights

You certainly cannot miss the culinary delights prepared by the expert chefs at one of the best resorts in Sariska with swimming pool. Enjoy a symphony of sensations at Ratan Villas' superb on-site restaurant. Our chefs, masters of culinary craft, create a menu featuring the best local products and traditional Rajasthani dishes. Enjoy delectable dishes made to perfection, while attentive service provides an unforgettable dining experience.


At Ratan Villas, we recognize that true luxury is defined by customized attention. Our attentive team attends to your every need, making your stay seamless and unforgettable. From pre-arrival preparation to excursion arrangements, their gracious hospitality and outstanding service ensure a completely personalized experience.

Ratan Villas exceeds expectations for romantic getaways, rejuvenating escapes, and adventure-filled family vacations. It's more than just one of the greatest resorts in Sariska with a swimming pool; it's a destination that promises an immersive experience surrounded by luxury. So, explore the unequalled magnificence that awaits you at Ratan Villas - one of the leading resorts in Alwar with swimming pool. 

If you are a Delhi NCR resident and looking forward to a luxury trip within just a few hours, Ratan Villas is the place. This blog will delve deeper into the facts of how we turned out to be the sought-after one.20 May 2024

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