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Introducing a holiday destination that is not like any other, located in the majestic region of Alwar, Rajasthan, Ratan Villas is set amidst the Aravalli Hills. If you are looking for a destination in Sariska that would host your adventurous spirit, allow you to soothe your mind in a calm environment, and also indulge in luxury, then there could not be a better place than this. In fact, Ratan Villas is much more than a place of stay; it offers a vacation in the lap of nature.


A Stone's Throw Away from the Land of Tigers

Picture yourself opening your eyes in the morning with the prospect of seeing a tiger on your trip to Sariska. As one of the top places to stay in Sariska, Ratan Villas offers a convenient location, which means guests will be accommodated near the famous Sariska Tiger Reserve. Embark in fascinating jeep safaris accompanied by experienced tour guides, widening your knowledge and understanding of the diverse ecosystem and the magnificent Bengal tigers living within the reserve. In fact, you might also get the chance to witness the newest four cubs in Sariska, making its population 40. Get an exclusive opportunity to observe the thriving plant and animal life up close and capture the memories for a lifetime.

Ratan Villas works with knowledgeable and dedicated naturalists who understand the reserve's fragile nature. They will lead you through well-planned itineraries, increasing your chances of seeing the elusive Bengal tiger. Jeep safaris follow well-defined tracks, minimising disruption to wildlife while providing excellent viewing chances.

But the exploration extends beyond tigers. Your guide will show you the reserve's extensive flora and animals, including rare bird species, secretive herbivores, and diversified plant life. Learn about animal behaviour, ecological balance, and current conservation efforts.

Ratan Villas prioritises responsible tourism. The guides are taught to respect wildlife and their habitats. Small group trips provide a more personalised experience while minimising environmental effects. By staying at Ratan Villas, your Sariska adventure expands beyond a sightseeing tour. It becomes a trip of discovery, an opportunity to connect with nature's raw beauty and observe the wonders of the wilderness.

A Sanctuary in the Aravalli Embrace

Aravalli Hills in the background of Ratan Villas, one of the leading places to stay in Alwar, add to its charms and make it a picturesque place to dwell in. Imagine yourself relaxing on your own veranda, surrounded by the breathtaking views of these magnificent and very old mountains. Nature and wilderness come together to present a combination that is hard to resist and offers a much-needed break. The mountain air is so refreshing that one feels like really taking time off the everyday chores and just relaxing.

Where Peace Meets Comfort: A Perfect Retreat

Ratan Villas is a perfect getaway, thoughtfully crafted to ensure you get what you want and need. Luxurious rooms are elegantly furnished and designed in a modern style with some elements of Rajasthani style. Lavish spaces and comfortable features guarantee pleasant and cosy accommodations for guests. After an exciting day of exploration in the reserve, come back to this comfortable retreat and prepare for the next day’s activities.

Witnessing the Wonders of Nature

Ratan Villas offers unique activities that will provide a memorable experience for every nature lover. You can go for nature walks with professional tour guides who are knowledgeable about the variety of plants and animals in the area. Discover the great variety of plant life, from the giant trees to the beautiful wildflowers and enjoy observing the great number of interesting animals and insects living there.

A Picturesque Panorama: Siliserh Lake and Beyond – A Trip to Remember

Just imagine yourself waking up to the sight of Siliserh Lake right outside your window. Some of the rooms at Ratan Villas provide a stunning view of this beautiful lake which assures that there will be tranquility throughout your stay. Have a walk around the lake and enjoy the beautiful scenery and the birds singing in the background.

Ratan Villas provides a distinct soundscape quite distinct from the cacophony of daily life. Swaying trees, soothing breezes, and the enchanting singing of birds create a natural symphony that will lull you into a state of peace. This immersive experience allows you to bond with nature and enjoy its relaxing beauty. No wonder it is among the best places to stay in Alwar.

Camping Under the Stars: An Unforgettable Oasis Experience

Ratan Villas provides an unforgettable camping experience for those with an adventurous spirit. Imagine stargazing under a clear night sky, surrounded by the serenity of the Aravalli Hills. Experience the thrill of an overnight expedition, complete with a bonfire and the breathtaking splendour of nature.

Beyond the Ordinary: Personalised Experiences Await

Ratan Villas recognises that each guest has different desires. Their dedicated staff goes above and above to provide a personalised and exceptional experience. Whether you're looking for a romantic trip, a family excursion, or a single nature expedition, we can create a customised itinerary based on your preferences.

Ratan Villas redefines the concept of where to stay in Sariska. It is an experience that will last long after you leave. From the thrill of experiencing wildlife on a jeep safari to the serenity of nature walks conducted by skilled guides, this hideaway provides a truly spiritual vacation. Imagine soaking in the golden rays of a desert sunset, with the expanse of the Aravalli Hills stretching out before you. In the nights, congregate around a roaring bonfire to share stories and laughs under a blanket of stars. Ratan Villas is a location where memories are built and the beauty of nature awakens a sense of amazement.


Plan your getaway at Ratan Villas and embark on a journey of discovery through the beautiful environment of Sariska. Contact them today and let their committed team create a unique experience for you. Prepare to be fascinated by the beauty of nature, the thrill of adventure, and the unsurpassed comfort provided by Ratan Villas - your ideal retreat in the heart of Rajasthan.

Ratan Villas prioritises responsible tourism. The guides are taught to respect wildlife and their habitats. Small group trips provide a more personalised experience while minimising environmental effects31 May 2024

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